What do children worry about for their future?: Overall

About this data

Children aged 9-17 were asked: “When you grow up, which things, if any, are you most worried that you won’t have? Choose up to 5 things from the list below.”

The options to choose from were:

  • Having a good education
  • Good friends
  • A good job or career
  • Enough money to buy the things I need
  • Getting on well with my current family
  • Starting my own family
  • A nice home to live in
  • Good mental health
  • Good physical health
  • Being part of a good local community
  • Living in a nice area with things to do
  • Everyone being treated fairly
  • A healthy environment and planet

The chart below shows what proportion of children chose each option.

What are children worried about for their future?

Note children can select more than one option

How many things are children worried about regarding their future?