Local area (CCG) maps


These maps present 2020/21 Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) performance on five key indicators used to assess children’s mental health services (CAMHS) provision. These indicators are:

  • CCG spend on children’s mental health as a percentage of CCG budget. This ranges from 0.21% in NHS Halton to 2.01% in NHS Norfolk and Waveney.

  • Mental health spend per child (calculated using NHS Five Year Forward View (FYFV) spending figures and ONS mid 2019 CCG population estimates. This ranges from £16 in NHS Halton to NHS Isle of Wight £165 per child.

  • Total number of children referred to CAMHS as a proportion of the under-18 population. This ranges from 1.9% in NHS Ealing to 8.5% in NHS South Tyneside.

  • Average waiting time for children who receive a second contact. This ranges from 81 days in NHS Cannock Chase to 6 days in NHS Castle Point and Rochford.

  • The percentage of referrals that are closed before treatment. This ranges from 8% in NHS Leeds to 41% in NHS Barnsley.

Also shown is an overall score for each CCG calculated based on their performance on the indicators above. This provides an overall indication of how each CCG compares to the rest of England. For each indicator, CCGs are ranked from best to worst (e.g. shortest waiting time to longest) and assigned to 5 quintiles. Best performing CCGs are given a score of 5 while the worst performers are given a score of 1. We then add these quintile scores together to form an overall score ranging from 5 to 25 for each CCG.

NHS Clinical Commissioning Group Maps

Hover over an area to display more information, scroll up and down to zoom. Please see above for the ranges within each indicator.